Sunday, May 21, 2017

Ready or not I am back................

Hi Friends!  I am back whether you are ready or not.  Eight weeks of the Mindfulness course really took any spare moment I had.  I have to admit that being mindful takes a lot of time but now I feel I can get back to normal, whatever that is.

Yesterday Little Buddy and I made a trip to the local splash park.  We have not been since last summer and it was so much fun.  He is growing isn't he?  Of course he was the most delighted with the shower because he could pull the chain and make the water go on.  It was a wonderful morning and I now plan to go back with him as much as my summer schedule allows.

In the eight weeks that have just passed I had three new very involved patients come onto my caseload and one very sick baby that I tried to visit several times in the hospital.  The new patients are great as I was down a bit on my caseload but also a lot of work.  I am really enjoying them, a severely autistic 10 year old,  a four year old who I used to work with as a baby who is now showing signs of the drug exposure he was subjected to in utero, and a wee little baby with a cone shaped head that I am going to fix.  They are all very fun children and I am so happy to have the opportunity to work with them.

In one week we had Little B's air conditioner go out, he has a separate wall unit and it was 15 years old so it was time for something new before it gets too hot.  Two days later we had a power surge that incapacitated our fridge and knocked out our dishwasher.  The fridge was fixable but the dishwasher has now gone to appliance heaven.  Did I mention we had guests at the time?  Not fun to have no fridge or dishwasher for a few days with people visiting.  Oh and then a day later my garage door opener went caput.  Hopefully we should be over appliance fixing for now.  But  now I have two boys who have some issues with their cars that need to be fixed.  There goes any vacation plans for us.........  See I think I am being tested to try to remain calm and balanced during appliance and car issue He**. 

Mr. 23 is home and getting ready to start his new job June 5.  He is bored most of the time and eager to get moving on with his life.  Mr. 20 had a birthday and has his girlfriend from Indiana visiting for two weeks.  They have been all over having fun and that includes swimming with Little Buddy.

Little Buddy is now able to swim across our pool while holding his breath.  It is amazing to see.  He has actually taken a breath on his own now three times, but that is still very hard for him to do.  I would rather he be able to take a breath than to swim a great distance while holding his breath.  We will get there.

As far as the potty department Little B is finally making progress.  He does better when he only has shorts on with no dipaer or underwear.  Most of the time he is able to get into the bathroom and take care of business all by himself, including washing his hands.  He can get his shorts up and down better when there is nothing else under them.  We call this hanging loose at our house.  Now he still needs loads of reminders to go, and won't go on his own unless prompted but still we are moving in the right direction.  This will make you laugh, Wednesday evening I came home late from work to find Little Buddy crying in my husbands arms.  My husband handed him to me and I realized he was wet.  He was crying and saying, "Mom, I am not so good at hanging loose."  It made me laugh out loud.

Little B has one more week of school before Summer vacation.  He is moving up to Kindergarten next Fall.


Yup, another shawl is off my hook.  I just can't seem to stop making this pattern.  I try and all my brain wants to do is make something easy that I don't have to pay attention to.  

The latest South Bay Shawlette, made with Queensland Collection Sunshine Coast yarn in the colorway Old Rainworth.  I bought this a few weeks ago while indulging in a little yarn shopping with friends.  Made with two skeins totalling 570 yards and a size H hook.

There are no immediate plans for this shawl but I do have an idea.  It is not for me.  I am a shawl making addict I fully admit to that.  Now if I could just be a shawl wearing addict I would be completely happy.

It will take me a bit to catch up with all of you, I can't wait to see what you have been up to. 
 Have a great day.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Happy Mother's Day..............

Happy Mother's Day to all celebrating today and all others who just need a positive thought or wish.  Remember you don't have to be a Mother to celebrate because if you are a woman you are mothering someone, loving them and trying to help, that is what mothering is all about.

If you are missing your Mother today, or watching your ill mother succumb to another stage of her life, well I am sending you love because I have been in your shoes and it is hard.

If you never had a loving and caring Mother, I am sending you love.  Hopefully you had a wonderful Aunt, MIL, Sister or friend to take up the slack.

If you love and care for animals and give them the best life possible, I am sending you love and thanks for taking care of those in need.

If you volunteer, teach, or simply connect with the little people next door you are making a difference in someones life. You should be applauded.

To all of you Aunts out there that give their nieces and nephews unconditional love, I am sending you love, too.  You never know how much that impacts a child's life.  I am looking at you Claudia.  Aunt Claudie talks to Little Buddy almost every night on the phone as I stretch out his arms, legs and back.  She is the best distraction of all. 

And as far as friends, well we all take care of each other, mothering each other in our own way.  I am wishing all of you a wonderful day and thanking you each for the important part you play in my life.

Happy Mother's Day!

Sunday, May 7, 2017

A little catch up and a LOT of disgust.......

Hi everybody!  How are all of you?  We are hanging in there with lots of things going on.  First of all someone is really enjoying the pool.  He is able to do all the things in the pool he was able to accomplish last summer already!  Our goal this year is to swim across the pool taking a breath, wouldn't that be something?  And we have the perfect teacher to help, Mr. 23 has returned home for good.  He will be starting a new job in Tampa next month.  He arrived late Thursday evening after driving straight through from Columbus.  Little Buddy keeps asking when his oldest brother is leaving, because in the past he has always returned to Ohio.  Mr. 23, an ex-swimmer, was also a swim teacher, he is the perfect person for the job of teaching Little Buddy how to breathe during his swimming.

Not to be outdone, Mr. 19 has returned home for six weeks, until he starts summer semester in Orlando.  We are all in the same house for the next six weeks, it will be fun and crazy but really lovely to all be together.  Little Buddy has never had both brothers living at home.  This is a special bonding time for him.  And might I add for the big brothers too, they love this little boy so much.

More Mr. 19 news, he will become Mr. 20 tomorrow.  How did that happen?  How did he grow up so fast?  I remember him in little bumble bee soccer when he was up on his toes, with two fingers out pretending he was a T-Rex on the soccer field.  Now he will be starting his junior year in college soon.  

Another South Bay Shawlette is off the hook.  This one is for Mr. 23's girlfriends mother.  Did you follow that?  They are having a surprise 60th birthday for her in June, and although we were invited we can't go so I am sending this instead.

Here are the particulars, made with Malabrigo Silky Merino in the colorway #157 Amoroso.  I used 4 skeins of yarn, from my stash, a total of 600 yards, and a size H hook.  It blocked out beautifully.  I sure hope it is well received.  

As for being disgusted after this weeks vote on healthcare I am sure you know where I stand.  If this horrible bill goes through, which I am praying it does not, I think all those who voted in favor of it should be held responsible for all of the people it is going to hurt.  Just like those who get in a fight are responsible for the injuries they cause in a barroom brawl, because there will be casualties to this law.  And a big casualty will be Little Buddy and what he needs to survive and to become an independent young man.  All of the children I work with would meet their maximum Medicaid lifetime payout within months of just being born.  Of course I will be a casualty too as I have a pre-existing condition, cancer.  How many of us don't?  And with larger companies not having to provide health insurance at the rate they do now many of us will have our insurance lapse causing us to not meet the requirement of continued care. Here is a simple solution, we all get the same care that our government representatives get at the same cost.  Notice none of them are willing to change their excellent, reasonably priced healthcare for the bill they submitted and supported. Take what we have and fix it for the better.  Don't endanger people.  You knew I would have something to say about it and frankly if you voted in favor of those representative and our current president that just makes me so, so sad.  We are better than that.  As the Bible says, "Do onto others as you would have them do to you."  Help people to get the care they need, when they need it.  Enough said.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Missing all of you, a shawl and a Little B story........

I just have to say I am missing all of you.  I feel like I have left for an isolated vacation, (one I probably really need in real life) and I am missing our chats over the backyard fence or over a cup of tea.  How are you?  How is your family?  Any news?

I thought I would pop in for a quick hello.  Finding time to do my mindfulness course remains an issue.  I know, then why are you on your blog Meredith?  I can pop out a quick post while Little Buddy is up and about and must save the course for naptime.   I am on week four so hopefully I can take what I can use and store away the rest of the information for when I have a quieter time in my life.  As for this week I had a special appointment with Little B on Monday, a new baby to evaluate on Wednesday, writing up that evaluation and then a bout with the flu/ norovirus/ food poisoning or something like that.  My poor husband had to attend a meeting at school for Little B instead of me as I was flat on my back in bed Friday.  I told him to smile and nod at all the teachers and therapists, they know what they are doing, and have our little ones best interest at heart.

As for Little B, this is almost direct quote from his report.  When asked a question he does not want to answer ( Little Buddy ) will say, "my voice box is not working" and then place his hand over his mouth.  Made you smile didn't I?

My latest shawl is finished.  Do you remember when I recently purchased the yarn above?  Well it made a beautiful shawl.  I had the sudden urge to crochet another South Bay Shawlette with this yarn.  I had already started when I found out a dear friend has breast cancer.  I knew then that this was for her.  She is struggling as we all would be but there is great hope that it can be contained with another surgery and radiation treatments.  I have been through those so I know this is not and easy road.  I hope to be there for her as much as I can and wrap her in my love with this shawl.

Made with Queensland Collection, Sunshine Coast yarn, two skeins totaling 580 yards, and a size I hook.  I plan to give it to her very soon, I hope it helps.

Okay I am out of here.  As for Earth Day Yesterday, I hope you all at least thought about the Earth and what a precarious position it is in these days.  If you want to read the damage that has been done to our Earth and the environment already by our current president this article by the Huffington Post says it all much better than I could.  We are on a dangerous path in so many ways my friends. 

Take Care.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Happy Easter

Happy Easter for all who are celebrating.  Little Buddy and I wish you the very best day.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Popping in for a quick hello......


Saturday we went to a wildlife safari at the nature preserve close by.  It was a nice walk, one Little Buddy did very well. Two years ago when we had this very same adventure he cried the whole time.   This time he only got tired when the path was too sandy.  We took the Aunts with us which made it loads of fun.  We saw turtles, different kinds of birds and feathers, snakes, bats and wee little baby raccoons that have not even opened their eyes yet.  The last photo is just to show you that Little B can have quite the attitude!

I am on week two of my mindfulness course and am finding that making the time or actually finding the time to be mindfull is my biggest obstacle right now.  I hope to get better at recognizing that I can just do it whenever I can.  The meditation portions are the hardest for me to find the time to do but I am working on it.

Wishing you all a wonderful week, see you soon.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Bits and Bobs Baby Blanket and a wee break.....

The Bits and Bobs Baby Blanket is finished.  It took me just over two weeks to make this and frankly ordering that yarn and waiting for it was what took me so long.  I am in LOVE with this blanket.  It was such a joy to make.  First off I forget how wonderful a good cotton yarn can feel like in your hands, add in beautiful colors and it is a win.  My Plymouth Yarn Cleo, the sand color for the border finally arrived on Thursday, I was getting anxious that it was missing because it took so long.  Now remember ordering yarn online and having it delivered feels like you are waiting months for the arrival when it was actually just over a week.  Still other things have arrived here much faster so I was getting worried.  

I ordered six skeins but only used four for the borders and the edging.  I think the sand color works perfectly with the blanket.  I can't seem to get the colors of this blanket photographed the right way.  The darker squares are purple although they are showing up as blue in the photos.  

I was done with all the squares when I found out this new little one will be a girl.  I added a bit of pink to the border to make it a bit more girlish.  I was going for gender neutral up to that point.  I used leftover Berroco Pure Pimo for the squares from stash, Plymouth Yarn Cleo for the borders and edging and a size H hook.  I am estimating 1,300 yards for the blanket, as I can calculate many of the colors I used.   Not a bad stash busting project and a fun one to boot!  The blanket measures 38 x 38 inches, a fun size for a baby.  I had the best time making these squares and finding the perfect arrangement.  I love this blanket, hopefully the new little one will also.  As you know in my family if you are having a baby you are getting a new baby blanket from me whether you want one or not.

Dear Max had a nice bath today.  We aren't fussy here, he got it out by the pool with a hose.  It is hard to bath him these days as he loses his balance easily.  I have to be very careful and give him some support when I am drying him off.  Bless him he still has the kindest eyes in the world.  

I have had a busy week which included a workshop on Mindfulness.  Now friends this is a subject I need a lot more information on.  I am often racing through my life and not being the best I can be.  I have noticed this more and more lately as the news is so horrific.  Everyday there are horrible things happening in the government and the impact of these decisions will be felt for years and years.  My head is always spinning and is not focused and centered when I am at work, or when I am at home with Little Buddy.  There is just to much to do and to think about.  After the introductory course I looked further into the longer course and really think this is a necessity for me right now.  The problem is I have to carve out some space for the course in my already busy life.  I need to be a better Mom, therapist and friend.  I need to be focused on what I am doing right now and not worry about the next patient, car ride, paperwork, school activity, meal, laundry, trip to the store........the list goes on and on.  The online course I am taking is located here.  Other great courses, some of them free, can be found here.  So because of that I will be spending less time on this blog of mine for the next eight weeks.  I won't be gone forever and certainly not going anywhere for good.  I just have so much time in my day and it gets eaten up pretty quick.

When I think about how precious this space is to me I feel sad I won't be as present here.  Sort of like I am in middle school and can't keep up with all the cool kids.  You are all the cool kids by the way.  What will I miss out on?  So if you don't see me here know I am only a comment or email away.  I can always be reached if you have news to share or a question to ask.  Remember if I can't visit it isn't that I don't care, it is just that being mindful takes a lot of time!

No worries on missing this guy.  I will definitely keep you up on his news.  He was busy dusting for me today, you can imagine how well that went!

As for my lovely friend asking about the alpaca farm in North Carolina.  You can find them here at Skyvue Ranch Alpacas and Fiber Shop.  It is worth the visit, the owners are lovely and so caring about their alpacas. 

See you all soon.